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Closing Letter - 2021

Thank You For 20 Wonderful Years!

It's a tough moment to announce to our 20-year journey has come to an end... but we are here to share with you our joy from all we've learned through this incredible endeavor. We want to celebrate our AMAZING team here at Paper and More, and our clientele whom we are truly honored to create such a tight knit community with!

Group Photo
(bottom) - Shilpa and Keyur
(taking down our logo)
Address Sign
(our address sign)
Moll Automatic Folder and Kluge Letterpress
(Moll Automatic Folder and Kluge Letterpress)

I'd like to close by saying...

Thank you for your trust in us.

Thank you for your years of support.

Forever grateful, with love,

Shilpa and Keyur Shah

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